sanitizing playground equipment around grand rapids, michigan

Sanitize to Help Prevent the Spread

The arrival of the (COVID-19) Coronavirus in West Michigan has dramatically increased awareness of touching surfaces in public areas that could possibly be contaminated. The best defense against acquiring the virus is keeping your hands clean, disinfect surfaces and avoid touching your face. Platinum Property Solutions sanitizes a variety of surfaces in commercial and public spaces.

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Let’s Stay Healthy West Michigan

Platinum Property Solutions is committed to helping keep our community safe and healthy. Our cleaning crews use quality disinfectants and sanitizers strong enough to kill germs and viruses on a variety of surfaces. We provide commercial and public sanitizing services throughout West Michigan, including Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Grand Rapids Holland, Lansing and Ludington.

Specializing in Commercial and Public Sanitizing

platinum property solutions playground sanitizing and disinfection

Playgrounds and Equipment

Busy playgrounds can be an easy place to pick up all kinds of germs, including flu and cold viruses. Platinum Property Solutions cleans and sanitizes playground equipment to provide a safer play area for kids.

shopping cart in parking lot at cedar springs mi grocery store

Shopping Carts

Grocery store shopping carts are passed from one shopper to another multiple times a day. Help reduce the risk of transmitting germs between your customers with Platinum Property Solutions.

dog kennel sanitizing and disinfection

Dog and Animal Kennels

Even our four-legged friends can spread harmful germs to one another. Keep kennels looking and smelling fresh while helping to prevent serious illness among pets in shelters.

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Municipal Buildings and Schools

Platinum Property Solutions cleans and sanitizes all types of large public gathering areas and venues including government buildings and institutions.

Ask About Our Sanitizing Services

Contact Platinum Property Solutions at (616) 460-8849 and find out about our on-call service or sign up for a routine maintenance plan.